We have spent the last decade proving ourselves to clients, employees and the outside companies that have helped make us who we are today. 

Most staffing and HR companies have carriers that write their insurance.  We have long standing partnerships that allow us to pass on not only our savings but our expertise in working with these companies.   This ultimately benefits you, our customer and our employees.   We have learned how to utilize loss control experts with years of Long Shore experience and influence in the industry.  In addition our claims mitigation is second to none in the country.  We jump on claims with the vigor that is takes to make sure the injured employee is properly cared for and back to work in the most expeditious manner.  All the while managing and monitoring the cost.  This results in long term savings that enhance the bottom line. 

We have also partnered with a nationwide plan to provide top quality health insurance in today’s uncertain climate.  Again minimizing costs while maximizing availability and flexibility.

Compliance is always a concern in our industry and we have partnered with one of the top labor legal firms in the south east.  This team makes sure that we are compliant in all aspects as relating to today’s stringent regulatory climate. 

Let us show you how we can put all of our resources to work for your company.  Just think, you could focus on building or repairing ships, or how your next vessel is going to be loaded.