In 2004, we began successfully filling critical personnel needs for shipyards from Portland, Oregon to South Carolina & all along the Gulf Coast. While we first found our niche within the marine, industrial, &  disaster relief realms- we gradually learned the ins & outs of other industries and have since diversified. Our recruiting team maintains contacts throughout the United States in order to be ready to fill any order we are presented with. We have the capability to provide staff-power for any position from offshore to administrative. It is our goal to provide the most highly skilled in a most timely manner. We work each day to position ourselves to meet your needs each time you call.

The MCG team is of the opinion that safety, compliance, and integrity are above all else and that it is in fact possible to succeed while maintaining a strong basis of those three things. We work endlessly to ensure that our clients and employees alike are able to be confident in their partnerships with MCG, that we are accessible and effective in our practices, and that all needs are met in a timely manner.

As a family owned operation, we pride ourselves on treating each candidate, employee, and client as a part of our MCG Family. This treatment ensures loyalty, respect, and open communication in all aspects of our business. We are here to provide compliant and reliable services at any notice- short or long.

MCG Contracting strives to aid first class professionals in finding the opportunity that best fits their skill set and level. Providing top-notch skilled professionals enables our clients & our projects team to effectively & efficiently complete the projects at hand.